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In 2002, Greg and Angela Ruark with Peggy Stranges established the International Worship Center in West End, Roatan. The I.W.C. was a small home group consisting of people from the international or ex-pat community. This small home fellowship then grew to become a bi-monthly church service, which was hosted at 2 different locations on the east, and west ends of the island.


In late 2006 the Ruarks returned to the United States and approached Larry Benson, the director of A.M.’s Helene ministry, to continue the work that had begun with the I.W.C.. Larry agreed and assumed the monthly preaching responsibilities while other A.M. staff members filled in with the music services.


Over the course of the next 2 years, the I.W.C. continued to meet twice a month at the Mayan Princess Resort in West end and the Parrott Tree Plantation in the East. Church attendance maintained at around 30 people each week and members began a monthly children’s ministry called Kids Blast.


In 2008 it became obvious to the members of the I.W.C. and Alternative Missions that there still existed several road blocks to the continued growth of the church.


They needed to secure a meeting place where members could plan on gathering each week. In addition, the church needed a pastor who could dedicate his/her time into building relationships and mentoring people in the community.


Members of the I.W.C. met with the leaders of Alternative Missions and asked if they would consider taking on the church as a ministry of Alternative Missions. A.M. agreed and then began searching for ways of developing strategic partnerships with stateside churches in order to help the


Alternative Missions then began to recruit a campus pastor who would move to Roatan and begin leading the I.W.C.. Jeremy and Melissa made the decision to come in January of 2009 to begin working with the I.W.C.


2009 The International Worship Center then became rChurch. 

2012 Jeremy left in July, Evan took over as Interim Pastor until December when he, too, left the island. 


Pastor Travis Morin was asked to take over as Interim Pastor in November 2012 and was asked to continue as the permanent Pastor in April 2013. He and a board of elders including Dave Charles and David Granada currently shepherd the church.

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