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(Please contact leader to verify event before attending)

(Use whatsapp to communicate with leaders)


Worship Service

Governor's Palace Restaurant

West Bay

Travis Morin: +504-9827-5042

Pill Counting for Clinica Esperanza – Located at Lawson Rock 
Dave and Karen Charles Coordinators

Ladies Bible Study
9:00 am – Tranquil Seas Resort, Sandy Bay
Led by Tish Morin


Ladies Nightly Bible Study

6:00 pm
Crisp Restaurant
Led by Kim Palermo

11:30 am
Special Treasures Ministry
Alternating weekly feeding at Dump or Feeding at Rehab
-    Pans of food needed, servers needed
Dave and Karen Charles Coordinators

Bread for the Bight
Punta Caliente Oak Ridge
Worship service, Kids program, Feeding program
10:00 am 
David Granada Coordinator: 

Men’s Bible Study
9:00 am – Tranquil Seas Resort, Sandy Bay

Typical Ministry Schedules


Kid’s Kupboard
Feeding program for 60 kids and 14 foster kids onsite
Monday – Friday – 3:45 pm at Kristal’s in Mudhole
(Across street from Blue Harbor Neighborhood entrance)
+504-8991-3137 - Kristal Solis – Director

Little Lights PreSchool
Pre-K Program for children from families that work at dump
English immersion
16 children
Elaine Curtis Learning Center - Mudhole
Tanya Millette – Children’s Teacher

Elaine Curtis Learning Center - Mudhole
Adult and Child Education for families at the Dump
English, Cooking, Sewing, etc.
Tish Morin, Director

Roatan Rehab – Jesus is the Solution
Monday – Friday 
Behind Public Hospital Coxen Hole
Appointment required

Titus House
Transitional Housing for Male Graduates of the Rehab 
Discipleship, training, mentoring
Bill & Melissa Guzman

Little Sprouts
Kids Ministry – 75 children – Inner city
Friday: 4:00 pm – Coxen Hole
Estrellita Connor

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