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Rev. Travis Morin is the pastor of R Church. Travis & Tish Morin and their four children (Ella, Zach, Eli and Heather) moved to Roatan in early 2012 from Knoxville, TN. Travis has a Masters of Ministry from Grace Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana and has been an Ordained and Licensed Pastor for over 20 years. Previous to R Church, he was involved in multiple ministries in Knoxville including 12 years of Prison Ministry and service as a ruling elder in the PCA church.  His wife, Tish, is a Marriage and Family Counselor with her Doctorate from Pillsbury College and Seminary. She currently has a counseling practice on Roatan.

  • Travis loves to see God redeeming our past, revealing our present and helping us to look to the future with hope and assurance. He believes we are called to love God and love people in Spirit and in Truth. He is available for one-on-one meetings, counseling and to answer any questions you may have. 

  • Travis's contact information is:
    HN & Whatsapp: 504-9827-5042
    Call from US: 865-332-5502 

R Church Elders

  • Travis Morin

  • Dave Charles

  • David Granada

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